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We added long-awaited “select entrance/exit on the map” feature to Metro4All mobile application. Now you can choose how to select entrance and exit – from the list or on the map.

To select entrance or exit on the map press the map icon opposite the station name. Please note that the map is shown only if you have a working internet connection or if the relevant map area was downloaded earlier to your device.


The app shows not only the icons of the entrances/exits for the chosen station, but also entrances/exits for the neighboring stations (icons for that stations are semi-transparent).

If you long press the entrance icon the mobile app will show the entrance name. If you simply press it the entrance will be selected. The exit selections is done in the same way.


If entrance/exit parameters conflict with your limitations, the icon will look a bit different.

Also if you switch-on the location services in your mobile device your location will be shown on the map as well. This way you will be able to find the nearest metro entrance and check its accessibility parameters.


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