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Amsterdam joins Metro4All


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We are delighted to announce the first Western European city to appear in Metro4All app – now you can route through Amsterdam metro using our web and mobile app. Layouts for all 52 stations are also available.

Amsterdam metro system differs from every other one we’ve encountered so far – it uses routes system instead of separate lines which means that the same rail tracks and stations are used by trains from different routes (there are stations which are services by 2 and 3 different metro routes, and Amstelveen line is used both by trams and metro trains). The total number of metro routes currently is 4.

This peculiarity required us to upgrade our city maps. For now we are able to show the different metro routes on the city map while the start and destination points are being chosen. The visualisation of the calculated route doesn’t reflect the metro routes specifics yet, but we are working on it.


Accessibility statistics:

  • Total number of stations in Amsterdam metro is 52.
  • 40 stations are equipped with the elevators.
  • Total number of routes in all Amsterdam metro stations is 242 (121 entrance routes and 121 exit routes).
  • Each station has at least 1 entrance route and 1 exit route which are completely step-free and accessible to all categories of passengers, including wheelchair users.
  • 58% of all routes are accessible to wheelchair users.
  • 71% of all routes are accessible to people with baby strollers.
  • The average number of steps while entering/leaving metro station is 34 (and only 10 if you use elevators).

Amsterdam metro train

You can read more about accessibility and wayfinding in Amsterdam metro here.

All Amsterdam metro stations were mapped by Metro4All team in Amsterdam from 10th to 14th of November 2014. We thank Waag society for the hospitality and for the interest to our project.


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