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Metro4All is updated with metro accessibility data for Nizhny Novgorod – this is the sixth city in our system.

Metro4All team (supported by Teplitsa of Social Technologies and Nizhny Novgorod Volunteers Service) had collected metro acessibility data for Nizhny Novgorod during 3rd and 4th of August . You can check it and look for accessible routes in our web app. We have also added Nizhny Novgorod to our mobile app

13 of 14 active metro stations in Nizhny Novgorod had been planned and built in 1977 – 2002, which is reflected in its infrastructure. Only Gorkovskaya station opened in 2012 is equipped with elevators.


According to metro internal rules, access to elevators is reserved only for wheelchairs and strollers, so Metro4All team couldn’t trace the route from surface to train platform of Gorkovskaya station in full. This is reflected in the data collected. If you know for sure where exactly the lifts from surface arrive, and how to get to the lift leading to the platform from them, please get in touch.


Some numbers for 14 stations of Nizhny Novgorod metro:
- 148 routes (74 in and 74 out);
- 3 elevators (all at Gorkovskaya station);
- 5 escalators (1 at Gorkovskaya stations and 4 at Moskovskaya station, 2 of which were out of service at the moment of data collection);
- average total length of stairs at the routes is 56 steps (without stairs duplicated by ramps or rails – 36 steps);
- 4 (?) routes (1% of total number of routes) accessible for wheelchair-users (if elevators at Gorkovskaya station are counted);
- 18 routes (12% of total number of routes) accessible for parents with strollers (at Gorkovskaya, Burnakovskaya, Park Kultury, Zarechnaya, Leninskaya and Kanavinskaya stations).


According to the information from Nizhny Novgorod metro official website, there are portable wheelchair lifts at Moskoskaya and Park Kultury stations (we have seen one of them being charged under the stairs at Moskovskaya station). If you apply to metro “in due time” prior to your visit, they can be delivered t oany of the metro stations. But remember that all of the stations (including Gorkovskaya) are equipped with old-fashioned narrow doors (with width of 720 mm) which can become a barrier for some wheelchairs even if the wheelchair lifts are used.

P.S. As usual, we ask everyone to send us corrections and additions to the data we collected and remind that you can add your city to our system.

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