Metro – Wayfinding – Accessibility

What we do

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    Collect data about the infrastructure and layouts of subway stations

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    analyze and visualize data related to subway usage, including geospatial data

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    Create applications which help users to navigate through subway systems

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    Research subway systems around the world and blog about them

Latest News

Who are we doing it for?

All subway commuters can benefit from our work Right now we focus our attention on needs of passengers with restricted mobility, i.e. people who have difficulties travelling on their own – wheelchair and stroller users, aged people, travellers carrying heavy and oversized luggage and so on. But apps for regular commuters are also coming soon.

Why are we doing it?

We want subway transit journeys to become easier and more comfortable. And for that you need to know which exit is nearest to your destination and what is the best way to get there with a heavy suitcase. The data we collect and analyse can also be used by decision-makers for improvement of accessibility and navigation in subway systems.

How can I help you?

The success of our project depends very much on the local communities and people willing to support and develop the project in their city. We always need help with collecting and updating our data. Please get in touch and we’ll explain what’s the best way to help. BTW if you already have an idea how exactly you want to help, that’s also great, we’ll be happy to hear it out and discuss our possible cooperation.