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Metro4All for iOS


Metro4All app is now available for download in AppStore! The first version of the iPhone/iPad app is a subway stations guide for 13 cities with exit numbers and accessibility information. For now the app is Russian-language only.


Metro4All app contains the following information for 525 stations in 13 cities:

  • station layout where you can switch on details about different barriers (number of steps in stairs, turnsiles width and so on),
  • all exits on the map, including number and description for each exit,
  • line colour of the station.


The application allows users to switch between station layout and map of its exits. Using exit numbers you can easily locate yourself inside the station and aboveground, and explain others where are you at the moment. If station is a part of a transfer node, exits from all stations of this node will be shown on the map.

Follow our updates! New features including routing between stations will arrive very soon.

Technical information: The app works on devices with iOS 7.0 or higher and optimized for iPhone 5, 6 and 6+. iPad istall is also available – select “for iPhone only” search option in AppStore to find the app.

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